Textile found only in India

Although India is raising star in every sector, but when it comes to textile and clothing India still shines as a bright star. India got many geographical indicators for textile. One of the most famous textiles of India is Banarsi silk. Banarsi silk is a special type of fabric which is exclusively found in Banaras. It is golden, silver or brocade or zari, boarded or designed fabric. The fabric design is inspired by Mughal, floral, mango leaves and minikari work. Chikankari embroidery is one of the famous textiles in youngsters. Chikankari is a art, which results in transformation of plainest cotton cloth and organdie into flowing yards of magic. The word in chic in chikankari refers to the jail work done on marble or cloth. Chanderi fabric is most famous fabric of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is beautiful mixture of silk, cotton and jari work.

Most of the chanderis have a rich gold border and butis all over the fabric. Patols fabric is fabric found exclusively in Patan, a village of gijrat. Patola means ‘queen of silk’. This is basically silk fabric which is woven with great clarity and precision. T is quite expensive due to high labour and more time. Every Patola saari took almost 6 months to complete. Pashmina is a fabric woven especially in Kashmir. Pashima is one of the fines woolen fabric found in world. It a cream-colored goat’s wool with intricate embroidery.These are some of finest textiles found in India; there are many more fabrics like Phulkari, Bandhni, etc.