“Develop a sportsman spirit”

Sport is all about hard work, success, learning to fail, and friendly competition. Participating in sports activities help us in developing team and leadership skills, instill qualities like discipline, playing fair, perseverance, boosts our self-esteem, and help us stay fit and healthy.

Sport is a great way of learning to work hard to achieve our goals and also learning how hard work always pays off.

Sport also teaches us the value of dedication and patience Furthermore it also helps us in being humble winners, accept failures positively, and keep trying hard to achieve our goals.

Fighting for the same goal, along with different members, coming from diverse backgrounds enhance our team spirit and our ability to work in a team and work towards the same goals.

Sport enhances physical and mental development. The tactics and strategies learned, can be applied in various aspects of life. Hence it is important to promote active participation in sport activities

At NAF, we understand the importance of sports in our lives because the lessons learned while playing helps people to develop a great team spirit and learn many valuable life skills that can be used to become great leaders of society.