“Technology impacting society”

Information technology has revolutionized the way society functions today and is also constantly changing and developing to cater to the changing needs of society. The impact of information technology on society is huge and irrevocable.

Information technology has made it easier to store, process, and retrieve information. The biggest impact of IT can be seen in the following fields.

Banking – Along with many other changes that have enhanced customer service, IT has also made the entire process of transactions, reliable and transparent.

Medical sector – Today we have reliable diagnostic procedures, doctor’s consultation through mobile applications, digitized medical records and many more services enhancing health care, because of the advancements in the field of IT.

Education – The field of education has also seen many positive changes because of IT. We have digitally equipped classrooms which have improved the quality of education.

Business – Today online business has become very popular. IT has improved the communication and efficiency of the business sector which helps in yielding more output and profit.

At NAF, we understand the importance of IT and how IT has caused a myriad of changes in society today.