“Housing really affects all aspects of a person’s life.”

Housing is one of the basic needs of all humans. Even after 74 years of independence people still garbling for housing especially poor people. Lack of housing may cause the increasing in-migration of urban people to well-developed states, due to an increase in population, lack of space. Even in urban areas if there are houses available they are not with basic needs. Houses should not only available to humans animals also deserve houses. By destroying forests we also destroy their houses too. Forest is a hotspot of much wildlife but due to the cutting of forests, their houses are also affecting. Due to this reason, many animals got extinct. This problem cannot only see in wildlife, aquatic animals also get affected due to changes in water PH or the amount of oxygen in the environment. PH of water gets change due to pollution in air and water which causes an increase in the base concentration of water which in turn causes the death of many aquatic animals. Change in ph of water and the amount of oxygen in water also causes a decrease in the number of plants.

In the earth all creatures are equally important; we all are dependent on each other. The entire creature provides a balance in the environment. At NAF we believe that all the creature deserves houses not only humans animals also deserve to live and deserve houses.