Charu Kirti & Sona Shaukath

“Home is not a place; it is a feeling”

The four-letter word, ‘Home’ has a different meaning to different people. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown thereafter have brought everyone more rooted and closer to their shelters. It altogether generated a different definition for the place. As alluring it sounds, it had its side effects. It has resulted in high usage of power and loss of energy and electricity. This turned out to be a major concern and resulted in the introduction of “Green homes”


Green homes are the houses that power the home using green energy. The idea of introducing renewable energy to power your home was a well-debated topic in the past decade. As the technological advancements took its pace, the need to create green homes became more and more necessary. As it is said “Use less and save more”, to save energy sources. Green energy focuses on consuming less energy while using renewable energy resources more efficiently.

There many ways to implement green energy in your home. This will make each and everyone at your home a step closer to Green Earth. Some of the ways in which we can implement green energy are listed below:

  • Rooftop Solar Panels: One of the most popular and effective ways to produce renewable energy is with photovoltaic panels. The panels are typically placed on the roof or in the yard where they capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity.
  • Solar Oven: Solar ovens work by trapping sunlight to heat food. And harnessing the sun’s energy to passively cook food is a great way to get started in the world of renewable energy.
  • Solar Water Heating: Solar water heaters use the sun to heat a reserve of water, which can then be pumped through your radiators or out your faucets and showerheads.
  • Solar Air Conditioning: Solar air conditioning employs the same principles of a solar water heater, but uses that hot water in an air conditioning system.
  • Tubular Skylights: Although tubular skylights, also called as Sun Tunnel, don’t actually create electricity, they do produce free natural light for your home by reflecting the sunlight using reflective coating in a mirror-like tube.

“A better tomorrow is the result of a better today”. Let’s start contributing your energy and time to implement green energy for a greener earth.

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