“If it came from a plant eat it if it was made in the plant then don’t”

Natural food is commonly known as organic food. It is basically natural or organically develop food no chemicals or any harmful substances is used. Today’s life is full of hurry; framers also want to grow crops in hurry by using chemical components. These components are cheap in prize and easily available market. But these components has many health hazards like, cancer, etc. inorganic food is also cheap in price so people also prefer to buy it.

Organic food is free from all chemicals therefore it takes more time to grow, that’s it is costly. People usually ignore buying organic food due to its high price. People do such thing because they do not know about the health impacts of inorganic food.

 Framers also ignore growing organic food because they do not get enough amount of money for there hardwork. They are also not aware of many agriculture practices which can be beneficial in organic farming.

Inorganic farming also causes harmful effects in environment. It causes soil pollution which latter makes the soil infertile. It also causes water pollution and also decreases the nutritive value of the food. At NAF, we believe that organic or naturally occurring food is beneficial for economy, health and environment too.