“The number one problem in today’s generation is the lack if financial education.”

Financial education is education related to how to utilize money. It most ignored topic of today’s generation. We know how to earn money but do not know how to spend that money. We always create problems by spending money on unnecessary over necessary things. We cannot save money and give rise to financial education. We can save money by keeping records of where we spend money and compare them, by this we can get to know about where to spend money, where we do wastage money. We can control over wastage of money trying to save them and invest in certain schemes like FD, saving account, monthly saving account extra, we can also save in form of properties and jewelry.

Now the question arises, why saving money is important? Saving money is basically acted as an asset for the future. By saving money we got financially stable for the future. Investing and saving is one of the most crucial steps. Although we believe that saving money is a talent but in reality, it is a skill which we can learn by experience.

At NAF we believe that everyone should aware of financial education to save the economy of the world and to make oneself financially stable.