– Neha Shinde


“The Farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer”- Will Rogers. In a year thousands and millions of farmers suicide due to unemployment and malnutrition. According to the government data, the rate of suicides and deaths of farmers in 2019 between January and March is 610. Before 2019 the rate of suicides and deaths of farmers’ were in millions, the decreasing rates of deaths should not lead to the insufficiency of provisions for farmers. They get wages less than what the government has predetermined which is 60 rupees per day, it varies from region to region and crop to crop. The paid money is not even a quarter of what other people get from their slog. In a year, they at least take on one strike for their amelioration and some farmer’s suicide and become the suspect of being disregarded by the government and society.



Farmers is the cornerstone of our society, don’t take them for granted. If they decide, they can become the cause of your hunger, but they are very optimistic and pragmatic towards what they do. Consider them while you eat because they are behind fulfilling your cravings and hunger. Society should understand them at every instant not only when they come forward for themselves. The farm is incomplete without farmers because no one is competent like them to stay serene and forebear while working and like every fruit needs tree in the same way every farm needs farmer for its growth and betterment. Every year at least one farmer suicide and unlatches the eyes of authorities who care least about these farmers and come forward when they are finally awake. Have anyone ever thought of what will happen if farmers decide to give up? No. Because If no farmer, then no grains and no food. Contemplate while you waste food because there is endeavor behind that food and it can fulfill someone’s hunger. Being farmers they cannot enjoy getting facilities and pass on due to malnutrition.

Show some respect and love for farmers because they deserve it and not hate. Don’t neglect them look deeply into their problems and you will realize their worth and life. People who are facing a miserable life help them to get out of it. When you will see any farmer thank them with gratitude it will make their day they don’t want your money all they want is your love and respect, because getting it is very arduous for them since we humans make the distinction between the classes and that’s what makes some people superior and some inferior. Farmers are a significant part of our life, they are humans treat them like family and not a servant.

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