Eco-friendly Products

Nikita Sharma

Ways to help the environment by using eco-friendly products

Environmental conditions are rapidly going downwards as humans have done so much harm to the environment and we all can see the impact it has left. There are many ways to work upon it if we are eager to change the condition.

Some efforts you can put in to create an impact-

  • Biodegradable pots – People are using the plastic pots in comparison to Biodegradable pots which are made of mud. Replacing a simple pot in your garden or home place can make a huge difference.
  • Herbal colors – We have many festivals in India. Replacing your chemical colors with natural herbal colors for the occasion of Holi would be more beneficial as the skin problems have been increasing from past years.
  • Led bulbs- Led bulbs are more environmentally beneficial, they are more lightweight and have a long life as well.
  • Solar panels – They are being used widely but still they are not enough. Solar panels are the most natural way of conserving natural energy.
  • Herbal cosmetics – Herbal cosmetics are in trend because of their eco-friendly and skin-friendly characteristics. They have less or no effect on the environment and are very popular amongst millennials.
  • Rainwater harvesting – This efficient way to conserve the natural rain and reverting it back to the soil or conserving in an underground water tank has to be accepted by more people.
  • Jute Bags- Replacing your daily routine poly bags, which you carry to your market place or grocery and vegetable shops with jute or cloth bags, will be a good initiation, as they are more nature friendly and have more strength.
  • Reusable Mask- As the current situation has been altered and masks are playing a major role in our daily life, it is better to use reusable cloth masks instead of ‘use & throw’ masks. One time masks are primarily for the hospitals. But We can prefer reusable and washable cloth masks as it is more eco friendly.
  • Tetra Packs – As packed food and other grocery are being packed in more of plastic bottles and containers. Using Tetra packs which are bio-degradable and don’t cause harm to nature would be a good idea.
  • Natural Broom- People are shifting drastically towards the plastic broom which is very harmful in many ways and going to come up with new problems in the future. It is the time that we start using naturally made broom (generally constructed with stiff grasses).
  • Copper Utensils – There are more shifting towards steel and plastic utensils, that have more harmful effects on human health and the environment. Using more steel can cause Alzheimer. Using copper utensils are much more eco-friendly as well as human friendly. Copper has many benefits of its own which are well known.
  • Toilet paper – As this is a whole western idea but as it is increasing in India as well, so more bamboo tissue products that are more eco-friendly should be used.
  • Silicone food storage bags- Using silicone made bags for food storage which are Reusable and not harmful to the environment as well as your health.
  • Plantable Sprout Pencils – It is a great innovative concept that has come up. They can grow into plants once they are too short to use. To top of that, they are 100% natural and toxin-free.


Making a small change in your routine can create a huge impact.

‘you become what you choose’

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