"Sustaining all life on Earth”

Humans are part of an eco-system that includes other living beings as well like animals, birds, insect micro organisms et cetera. Every living being has a role in this eco-system and obliterating the existence of one will lead to dreadful consequences and disrupt the harmonious balance that keeps life going on this planet.

Yet we humans in spite of being the most intelligent treat animals and birds in the cruelest and brutal way. We damage their homes in the name of development. Most animals end up being endangered or go completely extinct because of the loss of habitat.

We kill them for their fur so that we can be on top of our fashion game. We torment them for our entertainment. Many animals are neglected, tortured, and abused by people on a daily basis. This needs to stop and we need to take care and respect animals.

Research shows that, along with playing an important role in the eco-system, animals also help in reducing stress and provide companionship. Children growing up with pets have higher self-esteem and emotional quotient.

At NAF, we understand what important role animals play in the ecosystem and in our lives. We immensely believe, in the welfare and protection of animals.