“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man”

Agriculture gives you the responsibility to feed people and contribute to their growth. The whole world needs food for energy and energy to do work and to make progress. Agriculture is one of the major sectors in the world. It is present in the world for more thousands of years. After, so many years still we did not make it well developed. Some farmers still use old equipment.

Instead of depending on the monsoon, we developed dams, tube wells, pump-sets, etc. we developed pesticides and fertilizers for more growth
of crops. But we also know that dams cause damage to forest and wildlife and aquatic animals present there, pesticides cause a decrease in
the nutritive value of food. To overcome these effects we started finding solutions naturally or for those methods which are cheap as well as effective. Luckily we found some solutions too like manures, plant-fungal association, rotation crop, alternating cropping system but these methods are not well famous. we tagged these measures as organic framing, framing without chemicals. But we need some more innovation and publicity of those innovations to inspire others to be innovative in agriculture.

At NAF, we support agriculture and natural methods of agriculture because it also increases or maintains the nutritive value of food and also environment-friendly. Organic farming is a future farming.